What are big bonus online casinos

There are many people who do not know about the big bonus online casinos. Most of them are new to online gambling and have found a good online site that offers bonuses. There are many different online sites and the new player wants to know which or what are the big bonus online casinos. They also do not have any idea about bonuses.

In order to attract new visitors the big bonus online casinos offer a type of bonus. This bonus scheme differs from one online gambling portal to another, bit most of them finally end up offering the first time player with an extra amount of cash. Basically these are what big bonus online casinos are all about. It is funny how people wonder what a real big bonus might be. I consider anything that gives you between 50% to 100% match as a big bonus, especially when it can be on deposits of at least 500. These amounts can keep users playing for hours without having to purchase more and it really is about timing on those huge wins. I seen where players have initially started out with 300 to end up winning more than 100k. Now of course this is not going to happen everyday but it does happen, thought it wont unless you give it a try. Switching places you play will normally never lead to the best and the biggest bonus and less odds of ever winning huge.